June 3rd, 2006

Helltoids: The Tragically Strong Mint


Sing me one last cradle-song,
the summer day is far too long
to count each breath, that dying breeze,
scarce strong enough to stir the leaves

And broken bough. The fallen child,
ne'er so peacefully has smiled,
'till babe and cradle both have dropped,
when crying and pain both will stop.

Sing a song of the end of day,
a song of earth, of ash and clay,
The field that scythe and sickle reap
is not so far removed from sleep--

The call of the raven's more fair than the lark.
Sing us a song of the silent dark,
past the gates where angels cry,
sing me one last lullabye.
yeena pride rainbow

Hee hee...penal...

From the dress requirements for the Austin Gay Pride Parade:

"...the minimum attire for men appearing hin the Parade will be clothing no smaller htan jogging/running shorts and tank tops. No posing straps, "speedo-type" bathing suits, G-strings, ...or panties will be permitted to appear in the parade...For an example, but not limitation,any person wearing chaps will be required to have jeans or other suitable attire under such chaps to prevent public viewing of parts of the anatomy which violates 43.21 et seq. or any other sections of the Texas Penal Code."