August 19th, 2006

[fades] browns and reds

Tired, tired, tired...

Spent the last few days moving my mother across town, from her home in Westlake to her new home off Manchaca and Stasney. It's a bit of a snug fit, she had a bigger house before, but it's a great neighborhood--three nice thrift stores nearby, a good movie theater, a Borders Books and a Central Market. I'm actually a little jealous!

8/18/06: Patti's Room

Here, you can just see Patti hiding behind the mountain of stuff shoved in her garage. Ouch. There should be a storage space equivilent of Astroglide, there was so much stuff to cram in there.

8/18/06: Garage

Whines helped both days, for which everyone in my immediate family, including myself, was intensely grateful. Nobody deserves moving in 110-degree heat.

8/17/06: Josef takes a nap.

Two of the cuter moments--we took Plague along for some clean-up at the old house. He likes car rides, and whenever there's an open door he hops in--this time, he jumped onto the back of the car when I was packing up the trunk, and clung there like a Garfield suction cup plush, afraid to back down, unable to climb in. It was really cute, but he moved just a second too fast for me to get a shot.

My old chocolate lab, Bella, was not a fan of the new house. She demonstrated this by hopping into the minivan we were using and crouching underneath the barbeque pit, not budging, and demonstrating all the mobility of a large bowl of mashed potatoes.

8/18/06: Dog in Van I

8/17/06: Bella at the Door