September 2nd, 2006


New icon :)

From a weird cartoon-advertisement on a collection we rented, about the KOOL Cigarette penguins and how they lovingly craft their cigarettes. The basic plot, the earth is struck by a terrible heat wave, and only smooth, mentholated Kool can save the planet from global warming--strangely topical, 70 years after its 1935 release. In the final scene--after cigarettes rain down like snow across the city--the penguins even give Lady Liberty one to puff on, and she pushes her crown down over her head at a rakish, devil-may-care angle.


Anyway, I couldn't capture the entire moment in 40K without screwing up the video quality beyond recognition--I wonder what 2-color palates look like? But I think I captured the basic idea :) Is it immediately recognizable as the Statue of Liberty?
[fades] browns and reds

Recent photos--

Well, I've got to begin with our surprise visitor. We've had a long, proud tradition of roommates who haven't payed rent--here's the latest!

9/1/06: Night visitor II

When we were watching movies last night, there was a heavy THUMP that shook the entire living room as this dude lost his footing in our chimney. Now we know why Plague has been staring at the fireplace so intensely for the last month!

9/1/06: Night visitor9/1/06: Night visitor III9/1/06: Night visitor IV

Got my photos from Whines's birthday up here. Some of the highlights:
8/26/06: Sdo and KT8/26/06: 10 or 12 pounds?8/26/06: Whines' Birthday--Whines and Path

Path, Whines and I went on a walk last week, circling Zilker park, then heading up the pedestrian bridge at Lamar. They were very patient with me as I futzed around with my camera's night-shot mode. Got this excellent pic--
8/30/06: Austin skyline by night

See the original here, it's a nice shot! But while I was figuring out the camera settings, I got this interesting shot,
8/30/06: Austin skyline by night: a learning process

and a couple other so-so pics:
8/30/06: Lamar by Night8/30/06: Lamar by Night II