December 11th, 2006

[fades] browns and reds

*beg beg*

Oh my artist friends, beg beg--could I "commission" a seasonal icon? Rewards will take the form of foodstuffs. I need Halloween, Christmas/Yule, a generic "Happy Birthday", a generic Winter and a generic Summer.

I'd prefer color, but I'm also able to color with Photoshop, if it would make the icon more attractive.
yeena pride rainbow

General Austin GLBT invitation--

Hi, all--

Just an invitation to anyone that might be interested--the Interweave group at First Unitarian (the church's gay/lesbian/bi/trans/genderqueer group) is holding a potluck supper Thursday the 14th, at 7:00. Since I'm nominally the coordinator for this august, if teeny-tiny, organization, I'd of course love it if any of my friends wanted to attend, though of course Unitarian Universalists aren't for everyone. Though I can't imagine being offended by them, it'd be like tapioca copping an atitude :)

[fades] browns and reds

R is for resistance...

Was playing around with a phonics toy that says the words clearly and distinctly for each letter--both the word, say, "doubleyew", and the sound, "whuh."

Well, clearly until I found the resistor that controlled the speed and pitch of each sound, cut it, and replaced it with a dial.

So, now, it says in a deep barcitone, stretched over about three seconds, DUOUBLEYEEEWWWW.

This works for all letters, except the letter "R". For some reason, while I can get all the letters to chirp quick-like by turning the dial to the right, "R" is the oddball, and it won't play unless there's a fairly high amount of resistance. So it'll go low and slow, but not quick and high.

Only R. Weird.
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