January 9th, 2007

[fades] browns and reds

Lovely weekend--

I had a great weekend! I wasn't expecting such a nice weekend--Whines was out of town for his grandmother's funeral, and my usual succedaneums were also out of pocket--Butterfly was out with her folks, Path was also gone. I'm particularly needy and clingy during the winter, so I figured, "well, empty house, I'll just quietly go bonkers, then."

Leo's going away party on Friday night was nice, it was good to see him before he boogied out.

Early Saturday I'd scheduled some time with my Camarilla friend Amanda to do some light Excel training, but mostly to have lunch and say high. That was good, I don't see her nearly enough. Then I went out with mom to see "Charlotte's Web"--a sterling film, really. It's a children's book adaptation, but within that genre, it's flawless. I'd personally have liked more music, but that's me. You never would have guessed that it was Danny Elfman, though. Briefly went thrift-shopping and found a great Casio-type synthesizer, 1991--perfect for circuit-bending. Score!

Then, sleep. I finally caught up on a lack of sleep.

Sunday was great! We had a big sales conference with 100 or so of our sales reps. I spend a good chunk of my workdays doing random favors for sales reps, it's my life. I never ever see these people, though. I had two jobs to do Sunday--yeah, working Sunday morning, not like me, but with nobody around, why not? First, one boss wanted me to show up for her presentations on our giant bookroom, since I pretty much designed the product and know more about it than most sane men. Secondly, my Boss Primus asked me to help him with his computer system presentation, so I made a little hand-out designed to streamline the agonizing process of getting sales reps to do anything at all with their laptops.

The bookroom session was so nice--all three of them, really. Each time my boss mentioned my name, the room burst into applause! :) Awwww...

The technology session was fun--I had to run around helping everyone, which gives me a contact high, and I love helping anyhow. And the handout was a hit--one of our IT team asked to put it on the customer support website for the product.

Then, I got to pick up Josef from the airport after a little (mostly unsuccessful) shopping. Christmas gift exchange with Ip, Pouch, Tex and Pacer was very nice, lots of fun gifties, and then two hours of really good role-play.

Monday, too, was a lot of fun. I found some major errors that I'd made, and spent most of the day fixing them. This is "fun" because the last two weeks have been dead at work, so it was great having ANYTHING to do.

For some reason, I'm bursting with ideas right now. I have a lot of stuff I want to work on--three different ideas for Dragon Magazine articles (it's been years since I was published), an idea for a campaign, some personal projects that might bring me some much-needed money--argh! For an extra day in the week!
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What a perfect word!

ves·per·tine (vĕs'puhr-tīn') also ves·per·ti·nal (vĕs'puhr-tī'nuhl)
Of, relating to, or occurring in the evening.
Botany. Opening or blooming in the evening.
Zoology. Becoming active in the evening, as bats and owls; crepuscular.