March 20th, 2007


Waking dreams--

Two odd little vignette-style dreams in rapid succession--the first was an odd snippet where I was, I think, watching an educational film in a cheap theater of some kind, near the front, where there are metal bars at about waist-height. The lights dimmed and things went monochromatic, and there was a deep double base note in the soundtrack (?) as time slowed a bit. The kid in front of me turned around, holding a box to give to me.

I opened the lid, and inside was a crumpled and ghastly rabbit mask--the head of Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko. The heavy base note sounded again, time hiccuped, and Frank was standing in front of me. I think I may have tried to hit on him, I'm not sure, the dream sputtered and scene-changed.

Bright sunny day on the side of the road deep in the Texas hill country. Colors are green, there may be cicadas. Off the road, there's some kind of enclosure set off with barbed wire. There's a crowd of 12 or so people watching the enclosure through the mesh and barbed wire fence.

I have been told that, if you go here at a certain time of day, a bunch of crazy, very fat people in the enclosure pretend to be super-heros.

Well, how can you pass that up?

It starts out slowly. There's a couple of kids with the stereotypical towels on their backs running around going "Shooom!" with their arms thrust forward. It's kind of awkward and uncomfortable to be watching this. Whines is here, humoring one of my weird little moments in wanting to see this.

Eventually, there's a large crowd inside the enclosure, led by two really round individuals, who seem to be the heads of the group--maybe of the family, I'm not sure. A large man and woman. EVERYONE is running around like mad, posing, making flying noises, etc. It's quite the show. After a while, the sound of engines, and the two leading round people are on loud motercycles. After a longer while, the enclosure has fewer people, but everyone's either on a motorcycle or in some kind of car, driving around like mad.

After another few moments, Whines asks, "where's the couple?" Can't find them. The numbers inside are declining, down to 10 or so.

We--the assembled audience--look around a bit. There's an open gate at the very far end of the enclosure, out of which the fat people have been driving. They've formed a road blockade, pinning the audience into the area that at first seemed to be holding in the fat people, but now, though it hasn't changed, is clearly going to become a cage.

Some fighting breaks out. Whines and I make eye-contact, and we both know, because this sort of thing is so obvious in a dream, that this is a barbwire and chainlink trap to lure an audience for the very fat, crazy people to consume.

A very fat person dressed cop (?) enters the enclosure, stalks to the person furthest from the herd (Whines and I were away from the bulk of the sudden inmates), says "you'll do," and slings me over his very broad shoulder.

Whines helps me to escape (in RL I'd spent most of the day wearing clothing that was a few sizes too big, so in the dream I was able to escape because of Whines's help and loose clothing). We incapacitate the guard somehow, but this is clearly only a few more minutes of freedom.

Dream ends.