March 28th, 2007

Nose to the Grindstone

*bonk, bonk, bonk*

Insert the gentle sound of someone beating their head against a wall here.

Oh, gods. I'm on week two of training for my new job as Inventory Planner, which involves tracking some 8000 items to make sure there's always adequate stock to do exciting things with. Some of these items are kits made up of other items, some of these items are out of stock and are getting back-orders stacked up against them, some of these are out of print and therefore are not worth tracking.

He's working on our monthly report now, which will, among other things, list:

1) total value of inventory (manufacturing cost)
2) total value of inventory (retail cost)
3) Total sales
4) Total back-orders
5) Total back-orders (value of)
6) Out of Print Stock

Since our system can cough up a nice report that lists on an item-by-item basis all of these, I'm thinking "five minutes with a pivot table and I can get all this info, no problem."

Then I watch, in agonized horror--there's been a lot of horror in my experience in this new job, but this time I literally can't help shouting "no--NO!"--as he saves four copies of the same report, so that he can work each one of these six lines out individually in its own report :(

Oh, gods. I do so need an aspirin.
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