April 14th, 2007

[fades] browns and reds

Weekend off to a good start--

Finally moved our hewge bowling alley couch out last night. It was challenging, but thankfully, Whines, Nick and Path were all there to help, as well as a friend of the new owner. We hefted it over the fence, with only minimal fence damage (that strut was crumbly and ivy-coated anyway) and sent it off with warm wishes to its new home, and Whines reassembled the back door afters. There's now a big gap in the kitchen where it once was--I'm thinking we'll probably leave it bare, or mostly bare, since Butterfly's going to be moving out soon and we'll probably need the area to store boxes and things.

Then we went to see Aqua Teen Hunger Force at the Drafthouse down south. There were some AMAZING winds--apparently we had a Tornado Warning in the area. The wind blew the Drafthouse's trashcan away and I saw a wooden plank bouncing down the street. Wow. The entire shopping center got powered down for a few moments, but it didn't interrupt our film. I'm not sure there would have been much of an effect if it had.

The movie was a lot of fun--a bit too much gross-out humor (one of my main complaints with ATHF in genera), but a lot of good bits and some major non-sequitors, lots of appearances by Dr. Weird, and an adorable evil robot. Very enjoyable. The Drafthouse was serving up broodwiches and a combo meal of Key Lime Master Shake with Frylock and igloo-shaped Meatwad. Unfortunately, probably because of the power outage, our flim got a really late start, so we didn't get to see much of the pre-show, mostly bits from ATHF, but they threw in a "Where's the Beef?" commercial.