June 3rd, 2007

[fades] browns and reds

...but we needed the eggs!

Our house has attracted a disproportionate amount of livestock over the few years we've been here. The hedgehog was the weirdest, no-one finds a hedgehog in their backyard. The raccoon up the chimney...that sort of thing happens.

Here's our latest visitor--
Don't know where she came from. We're not really in a chicken-raising area, pretty dense suburbia, and I don't recall hearing any of the usual sounds of a backyard fowl arrangement. But, there she was.

The dogs flushed her out and chased her around the yard a bit--When we were letting them out, we couldn't find the chicken, and Whines pretty confidently said "I can call them off."

My parter is not the Dog Whisperer, that's for sure :)

Here the little beastie is hiding in a dense honeysuckle bush. We gently herded it into the neighbor's yard, who doesn't have dogs...