June 11th, 2007

yeena pride rainbow


Whines and I worked Pridefest from about 11:00-2:00, him vigilantly watching the children's corner, myself herding people to the ticket sales (no sign saying "Tickets Here!", so it had to be done.

Low-key event, really, fairly calm and quiet. The music was a lot more background than I remember, but then, I was on the opposite side of the park from it. It was only 95 degrees this year, too (high humidity made that kind of challenging, but better that than last year's heat lamp from on high).

I was a little disappointed in the relative lack of vendors this year. Nobody had anything I had to take home with me!

While I was ushering people into the park, a handsome fellow came in, a lightly muscled but slender gym-bunny, wearing nothin' but a fringed breechclout, an all-over tan, and his cat. I briefly lost control of English. After about three hours of hot sun and dogs scaring his cat, he was bitchy and bleeding, but it was a great entrance :)
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Reindeer games--

Mom's coming over tonight to get some MS Excel training, and she's expressed mild disapproval over my choice in computer background/wallpaper when I was living at her house--a really cute little werewolf, nothing special or horrifying or obscene, very cute, very tame.

That was before I was living largely with people who had bigger kinks than my own or were broadly okay with furry artwork, so my wallpaper (which changes every minute or two automatically) is pretty racy at times. *resets to a tame design*

I've also got a silly little pinup-type picture done by Blotch of a reindeer leaning back, wearing bells and a harness and mistletoe and Christmas lights, which don't really hide anything, and one well-placed santa hat. It's his picture "Stocking Stuffer (don't click that if you're not okay with semi-nude anthropomorphic male caribou). It's still my favorite Blotch picture, it's cute and silly.

Me: "I'm going to have to take down the picture of the reindeer wearing a santa hat."
Nick_Ursine: "Yeah, that's probably a good idea."
Me: "I'll have to put up a picture of Jesus."
Nick_Ursine: "No...don't do that."
Me: "Mom will probably think I'm beign sarchastic."
Nick_Ursine: "And I can't imagine Jesus wearing a santa hat like that."