July 14th, 2007


Fondue, again--

Last night, Fizzit, Itza and Flippant came by for another fondue dinner. The main course was--eh, okay enough, a beef stock fondue with a few assorted sauces, mostly leftover from Wednesday.

Dessert, though, was interesting :) I was planning to make a banana fondue recipe I found, but I think I must have given that cookbook to Butterfly. So I searched around a bit and somehow found this website with white chocolate wasabi fondue.

It was a lot of fun! Step one, reduce about a quart of sake down to a half-cup of wasabi syrup. Step two, make two tablespoons of wasabi paste, and mix into white chocolate. Serve quickly.

It had a surprisingly light wasabi flavor--just a little bit of it, and no burn. I messed up the recipe a bit and used too much cream and chocolate, so it should have been a leetle bit stronger, but overall, a success :)

I got bored and had a huge quantity of the sauce left over, so I reduced it down to caramel. I'm looking forward to trying that today!
[fades] browns and reds

Scavenging report--

Whines and I went out to a couple of random thrift stores before--and after--lunch. I was mostly looking for fondue forks. And I found fondue forks. About four sets. One of them was really charming--it was little ceramic dutch clogs for handles, in that pretty blue and white finish :) Adorable!

We also found a new table to replace the one in the living room. Butterfly took her little Japanese-style table with her--of all her posessions, that one and the popcorn air popper were the ones I was going to miss most. Anyway, we found a little roughly 3'x3' table, low to the ground, rich blue top with blue-black legs. Very nice! Smuggling it home in the rain in my little Saturn--that was kind of challenging. But it fits the living room nicely--weirdly, it even matches the horrible blue carpet we've got...