September 11th, 2007

Crocuta Plate


Yeesh! themyskeria and I were driving to work this morning, taking our typical "the main highway's clogged" route. It was raining, Austin does not handle rain well.

On a long--say, a half-mile--stretch of residential road, the two-lane road suddenly became one lane.

No real reason, just, you know, two lanes felt restrictive.

The entire column of cars was driving *on* the stripe, meandering like a stream from the left to right lane.

No reason.

Groupthink is a powerful thing.

Eventually we broke ranks and drove parallel to someone for a while, but it didn't catch on until the very end, when an SUV decided "wait! This is dumb!" and a tidal wave of cars pulled up to the obviously two-lane red light.

Aaaaand, my car died at the gas station this morning. Fret, fret! Whines gave me a jump, but it was a really difficult start anyway. I'll get a new battery tonight, that usually does the job.