October 3rd, 2007

Nose to the Grindstone

So, the thing.

Day 1: Me: "I need this book. It's for my customers. They've ordered $600,000 of stuff, and I can't ship $120,000 of that without this book. PLEASE get me this book. I need it in three weeks."
Day 2: Them: "All right, we can do that."
Day 30: Them: "Oh, did you actually want that book? We thought you were speaking hypothetically."
Day 31: Me: "Well, not so much hypothetically as urgently. Can you get me that book?"
Day 32: Them: "No, we haven't printed it yet."
Day 33: Me: "Print that fucker."
Day 34: Them: "You mean, you do want the book?"
Day 35: Me: "Please don't make me beg."
Day 75: Them: "We sent you that book."
Day 76: Me: "To our warehouse in Missouri?"
Day 77: Them: "You wanted it in Missouri? We sent it to Dallas."
Day 82: Me: "Dallas says, no book."
Day 83: Them: "We sent it, yes we did."
Day 86: Me: "No. No, you didn't."
Day 88: Warehouse: "We...uh...found something."
Day 89: Me: "Was it 3000 books about the Berlin Wall, shipped from China?"
Day 90: Warehouse: "Not quite." *sends JPG*
Day 90: Me: "Dear god."
Day 90: Warehouse: "Did you want 780 copies of the 2008 'I Love Lucy' calendar?"
Day 90: Me: "Sure, what the hell."

And that's more or less what happened.