October 8th, 2007

[fades] browns and reds

Den hunt: 10-day countdown!

Ten more days until Whines and I are officially home-owners :) I've been bopping around looking for a couple pieces of furniture--a nice dining room table big enough to seat six or eight, and some little couches or a sectional or something for the front greeting room. It's been fun to shop around--I saw a really pretty antique table, a deep rich red wood, that had little animal faces sculpted into its "knees," and some stark, large square tables in the Ikea style.

The question keeps coming up of "what will our main dining/front room look like?" We don't really have a clear idea of what to paint it - the brown tile just doesn't really go with a lot of our ideas. Sigh.

Anyway, we get the house on the 18th, play around with it through the end of the month, and then move the first week in November...knock on wood!
Edit: It occurs to me that there is no actual wood in our new house to knock on. So, strike that.