October 24th, 2007

hyena spam

What's with the cyrillic spam?

I can't tell--is this going to make my penis bigger, or my breasts? Will this attract thousands of women to me? Is that desirable? I'm so out of touch right now. I want to order this--it says "m/m", that's probably a good thing--or have I won the lottery in Leningrad? If I respond, what am I committing to? Is a Nigerian going to send me a great many dollars, or will someone send me their wife?

I'm so lost. Usually I can understand the spam, but this strange, exotic spam is even more seductive.

ПРОДАЮТСЯ ОФИСНЫЕ помещения 83, 100.5, 94 (возможно объединение) кв.м.
ул.Раменки, 1/24, мон-кирп., огороженная тер., отдельный вход, парковка
(наземная, подземная), 1я линия, цена 10500 дол. США за кв.м.

СДАЕТСЯ в аренду ОФИСНОЕ помещение 500 кв.м., м.Спортивная, 5 м.п.,
админ.здание., отд. вход,

презентабельный фасад, внутрен.отделка класса люкс, кондиционирование, 3

комн. + зал 355 кв.м., 8 этаж , ком.тел., охрана, огорожен. тер., инт., 4 м/м,
стоимость 1000 дол.США за 1
кв.м. в год все включено.

СДАЕТСЯ в аренду ТОРГОВОЕ помещение 78 кв.м., 1я линия Тарусской ул и
Новоясеневского проспекта,м.Ясенево, 50 метров
от метро, в ТЦ общ.
пл. 4000 кв.м.,1 этаж вход с обоих 1х линий, высокий пешеходный и
автомобильный трафик, известные арендаторы, 2000 у.е. за кв.м. в год .
контактный телефон.
(903) 798+88`97
Helltoids: The Tragically Strong Mint

Grumble stupid body grumble.

The mid-30s are an exciting age where you can look forward and see that you have a whole new lifetime to live, without all that tedious mucking about in school, with a better knowledge of who you are, what you love (or in some cases, who you love), and with a little luck, you even have the resources to explore it...

and that all the warrantees on your parts have expired.

Thank god I'm 29.

Nothing major...went to the dentists', she said I had some minor bone loss in my jaw and some minor gum disease, no surprise since I hadn't been to the dentist since 2001. Oh, and my blood pressure was so high that they almost weren't allowed to work on me. Whee. Once the move is over...and the two follow-up visits to the dentist...I'll go and see my GP about this. I probably just need to excercise more.
[fades] browns and reds

More house/moving stuff--

Hmm...well, there's just not that much stuff left to move! Whines and I are starting to get to the point where there's really just furniture, and then we could be actually living in the new place. We're not sure about this yet, but would anyone be available to help us on Saturday, this coming, if we moved our move ahead a week?