March 20th, 2008

Hyena Jams

The audience was soup--

Wheee! Went with Fizz and Itza (who rocked mightily) to the first "Rock Concert" contest at the Alamo. Pretty fun, definately worth the (very reasonable) admission. Not much of a video game person, but lots of people made some very serious effort on the costuming and role-play aspects--the best band of the night dressed like Weezer, apparently? and it was nice to get out and play.

One thing that surprised me, though, was how dark and unforgiving the audience was. There were several pockets of really nasty hecklers that just wouldn't let up. A lot of people were trying to go for the exact same "longest song, most notes" showpieces, so Weezer-clone's decision to go with their alternate song was a crowd-pleaser.

Lots of technical problems, too--magnify the difficulties just setting up a game of Rock Concert entails, times lots of equipment changes (a lot of people brought their special guitars), times the sound system for the theater, times waaay too much booze. I was bummed out by the last band, they didn't have any really strong theme or anything, but they were really having a good time in-character, the lead vocalist was really cute, and they were playing well--until the drummer (?) hit the pause button. Then they got destructive and started throwing equipment around.

Whines and I sat around later coming up with better ideas for how to run the show, but they probably won't implement them, because they're not in our living room.

None of which is as important as SUPER HAPPY MONKEY BASH 2008!!! Every sunday in April--who's with me?!?
Hyena Jams

What's your rock band?

What's your fictional rock band name? Mine has been "Black Light Sex Trick" ever since that word combination turned up on my magnetic poetry wall. I've also got a Goth band that does covers of traditional folk songs called "Anonse" and an 80's retro glam band called "Hair Supply."