April 4th, 2008

hyena spam

Voted, most enigmatic spam--

imagine sand, reefs, her

yes. look in this mistic box.
what? don't want. no problem ;) magic __IS__ LIMITED
details attached!


*turns e-mail sideways, upside-down, tries to understand*

It's a sad state of the world when even spam is aware that magic is a limited resource. I'm really tempted to look into the mistic box, but...maybe on a co-worker's desktop.
Gamer Geek

What am I looking for in an RPG?

I want to explore abstract ideas in a concrete and hands-on sense. I want gaming beyond the world as we understand it. I want gaming with a sense of humor. And, I want to play a stoat.

Clearly, I want to play

Alien Anthro Philosophers with Chainguns!!!