April 14th, 2008

Crocuta Plate

*Yawn* Weeeeekend...

Furry camping this weekend! Loaded up the car Saturday, after a little shopping trip. Piled in, picked up Dev Racooon, and wagons southeast to Palmetto Bug State Park.

It's been years since I'd been to Palmetto, but it really is a lovely place, lots of palm trees, a nice little river, dense forest, and lots of campers :) Got there a bit later than most people, at 1:00, after a few wrong turns and a late start.

Dinner was fun--everybody bought just a little something, so it looked like we wouldn't have enough, but everyone walked away full. S'mores, burgers, steak (! Thanks, Mahadri :) ), second-rate hot dogs (from the hot-dog boys, Whines and myself).

As the sun was starting to set, I decided to make myself some coffee, and noticed that my cheap campsite stove was missing a few parts--in particular, the one that lets the butane reach the stove. Doh! So we piled in again, trooped up to a really low-rent walmart (so small it didn't have canned Dr. Pepper. Can you believe it?) and spent more money than I wanted us to on a new stove. Grumble. But the new one's a nice Coleman stove, worth the money if we were camping on a yearly basis.

Didn't sleep well. Got maybe three hours--no pillow, kinda cold, Whines snores. Any one of those I could have handled, but all three, no...got out of the tent at 4:30, made my coffee (which took 45 minutes, because I didn't know what I was doing, had very little light, and my brain wasn't working, because the coffee, you know, wasn't.

Did get a treat of a fantastic chorus of bird songs and cows. It was really pretty, so many different voices!

Bought WAAAAY too many eggs. I was expecting that nobody would have brought breakfast, because that's the way it usually works out--and there'd be 20 people, instead of like 14. So...bought like 7 dozen eggs (I knew that was too many to begin with, but they were cheaper that way), and only ended up using about 27 of them. That was too many eggs, but breakfast tacos are good, and we're having egg salad for dinner tonight. And tomorrow night. And so on.

Frizbee for a few hours, pack up, drive home, be dysfunctional for a few hours, go to sleep. Nice weekend! Great to see people again :)
[fades] browns and reds

Anyone remember this music video?

I *think* Ip pointed this one out to me? I can't remember the title, though. Does anyone remember a music video--I think it was called something like "a spring song" or similer. It was very 70's-hippy style, just a bunch of people walking and dancing through a natural setting, but there were lots of people in silly animal costumes walking and dancing with them, too. Can anyone remember what this was called?