June 2nd, 2008

[fades] browns and reds

Busy weekend, new job, basil

Weekend went by like all weekends go, in a vague blur. Had some distressing-time grandmother-sitting Thursday (she...rambles a lot). Ex-boss's going-away party was interesting, I'm still not very good at adult parties, I think a few glasses of wine helps. Pity I don't drink. The white chocolate wasabi fondue went over pretty well, though I still have a few cups left. Kelly, want some? :)

Started new job. Sorry for not posting or interacting with people, but...new job. It's a LOT more social and interpretation-problem-solving-collaboration than my previous one was, though no more $$$. I'm still very happy. But...a little frantic, since I'm doing two jobs right now, and no-body seems interested in making sure that I have a working telephone at my desk. New people in Marketing that don't know me very well are encountering my hyena fixation for the first time. Church-sitting Sunday morning, lots of new couples. Huge crowd for big piece from Choir.

EXCELLENT sermon--or at least, very uplifting, in a persecuted-minority sort of way--the basic message was "the far right has been lying to us about the size and influence of the Religious Right/Evangelical Christianity. The number of people that are Evangelical Christians isn't 56% of America, not 25%, but 7%. It's not a growing movement, it's been declining since WWI--Athiests and Agnostics are the groups-on-the-grow. And Republican judges have been responsible for all the gay-marriage-supporting decisions lately. All good stuff to hear. Hope it's true!

Planted basils from seed--in particular, Mrs. Burns Famous Lemon Basil. It's heat-tolerant, plants itself cheerfully from seeds every year, has a good lemon flavor, and big, broad leaves. Anyone want some? I'll have to thin my crop a bit, so there should be some extra seedlings. The new plants are ver cute, two little chubby round leaves. Please don't tell them they're going to be pesto, it would hurt their feelings.

Lost a few plants when I skipped a day watering--mostly some lemon verbena cuttings. *sigh* stupid dry hot pre-summer...