June 25th, 2008

Please Dispose of Me Properly

Saturn must be in Klutz.

I've been having an increasing number of "utter dumbass" moments in the last few days. I bought a few algarita (an extremely spiky native bush) and shoved it into my eye immediately, brilliant. This morning, I filled a cup with near-boiling water from the office coffee pot and attempted to scrub it out with a brillo pad. Save me from myself!
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Crocuta Plate

Road trip to berlin--

Whines and I are taking a road-trip vacation at the end of July. I think I've got the first leg of the trip mapped out - Austin to west Texas, west Texas to Carlesbad, NM.

That still leaves us about two days of play-time for the ride home from Carlesbad to Austin. Are there any must-see destinations loosely along that route?