June 30th, 2008

[fades] browns and reds

Wow, weekend.

Saturday, 10:30, pointless trip 20 miles to mother's Christian bookstore. to engrave someone's bible with their name in gold leaf.

Instructions: "Times new Roman. Engrave with: Patrick Marie Stewart Martin. Print using one line of type."
Me: "That's four names."
Customer: *busy signal.*
Me (to mother): That's four names, it's too long."
Mom: "I thought it might be. Try anyway."
Me: "I did. It's too long.
Customer: *busy signal.*

Eventually I left, after about a half-hour of waiting, and more busy signals. Had lunch, got home, started to clean garage. Phone rings.

Sister: "Mom totalled my car. Will you pick her up?"
Me: "Okay..."
Mom: "Okay, I'm at the corner of 290 and Congress."
Me: "Okay, I'm nearly there." *drives to Congress."
Mom: "But the towtruck man says he needs $150, cash."
Me: *drives to bank.*
Mom: "Grandmother's nursing home called. They said she's in the emergency room with a swollen foot."
Me: "Oh, you're kidding."

All this time, my car decides that what it REALLY wants to do, is overheat. So I'm running the *heater* to keep the temperature down. This after spending $1000 on repairs the week before. Aig!

Ended up missing the furry movie night in north austin :( It promised to have an adult, MUSICAL version of Alice in Wonderland, too :(

Much better. Accidentally went to church, took over the "visitor information" table. About 16 people came by for information, which is kind of amazing, and had a long and rewarding chat with someone who's looking to be the church's new business administrator (I THOUGHT he looked too well-groomed for our church...)

Went to a plant nursery after a nice lunch at Chuy's. Had just picked up a NEAT book called "The Fruit Hunters" about a guy who travels all over the world looking for exotic fruits. It's fascinating (really!)

Picked up a handful more anise hyssop, since they're tall, spindly looking plants that are kind of stupid on their own. Also got a few full-grown purslane to snack on, since mine all died. Aaand, two Datura/Jimson Weed, alias "zombie cucumbers." Happy, happy! They're in the front yard, now, very, very far from the edible plants.

Came home in a hurry, because dad was bringing in a huge pile of lumber to start working on the new bookshelves. Ran one or two errands, came back and cleaned up our bedroom so he could start installing them there! Much fun.

Anyway, long and weird weekend.

Mom mentioned that grandmother has a massive, 1940s wood table, very pretty, if a bit "your grandmother's dining room". It's also significantly larger than my table at home, which I'm borrowing from dad. It looks like I'll just have to go with the old lady look in that room. Oh, well...at least I'll be able to sit eight people comfortably, instead of with those stupid table legs bonking their knees.
[fades] browns and reds

Stupid one-liner--

I was cleaning out my e-mail at work, and stumbled across this bit, about teaching my mother's german shepherd, Hildegaard, how to emboss bibles and engrave prayer books so I wouldn't have to...

"Hildegaard, sit! Hildegaard, emboss with 18-pt Goudy! Hildy, did you get “b” and “d” backwards? Dab bog! Dab!"
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What a neat idea for a party!

I'm reading "The Fruit Hunters," a book that's a bit monomanaiacal about fruit. I picked it up because it talks about miracle fruit, which is my obsession this week.

Aaaanyway, the writer of the book talks about having a "fruit party" wherein every guest was required to bring to the party a fruit they'd never eaten before.

That sounds really neat! :) It may involve sending people to the asian grocery store, but still, what a cool idea!