July 8th, 2008

[fades] browns and reds


When I left my house this morning, I startled a bunny that was sniffling dew off my lemon verbena. Extra special cuteness with your coffee? :)
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Free money from the gubment--

(I really hate the words "free money," but that's a semantic argument for later...)

I know a lot of my friends are underemployed, or unemployed, or students--this is just a note to say 1) it's possible for people that don't file a tax return normally to get the $600 federal bribe, and 2) we're not actually past deadline.


According to this website, it's possible to file until October 15.

Anyway, this is my token "useful information" post for the year. We now return to discussions of food, whining, and spreadsheets.
[fades] browns and reds

Really interesting dreams last night.

I don't remember all of them, but they were brightly colored and fun.

All I can remember at this point was one stream-of-consciousness where we (Whines, myself, and S) were wandering through a park to go swimming. There were massive (30' tall in some cases) piles of soft, glossy fake fur or yarn, and kids were romping through it as some sort of festival of textures. Then, S explained to me that she was originally a man. We jumped into the water, and it was shockingly cold.

I don't recall ever having the sensation of cold or heat in a dream, that might have been a first for me. However, Whines had stolen my blanket, so that might explain some of it.

Next, the mad scientists were plotting to destroy the Mickey Mouse Club. They had a hideous machine planted under the pseudorock path the Micky Mouse Club March went down, and were waiting for the parade. The music struck up (I've listened to it enough to have it memorized, but Whines happened to play it last night), and the parade started, with the climax being the unveiling of the new Disney character, who was waiting in the wings (I'm pretty sure this was ripped from the "Rock Star" movie we watched last night, where a singer for a metal group made his debute down a long, curving path).

However, the mad scientists didn't have a mechanism to *trigger* the machine, so one of them tried to throw an explosive device (a red sphere in a glasslike cube), but one of the marchers picked up the device and handed it back to them. The Mads screamed, the marcher dropped the device into the inner workings of the hideous machine, and everybody scattered. The almost soundless explosion created a massive, perfect sphere of nothing in the center of the parade route, and plans were foiled.
[fades] browns and reds

Curse you, dancing girls!

Sounded like my company was going to pay for a show for us sales support folks when we went to Vegas, and someone picked "Folies Bergere", or, in English, "wacky lightly clothed dancing girls."

We'll see if it's fun, I've never seen a show like that, but in general, I haven't been much of a fan of dancing-type shows. And here's my confession, an all-girls show doesn't really interest me that much. Discounting the "scantily clad members of the preferred sex" angle entirely, it's just easier for me to appreciate a mixed cast or a mostly male group.

But I can appreciate spectacle...but now, things change, and I have to buy my own tickets. Grump, grump.

Ach, well, I shall go and appreciate the truly ludicrous number of sequins involved.
Crocuta Plate

Beware of road hyenas!

I just checked my mail. Enigmatically, there is an AAA "we invite you to join!" made out to "Spotty L. An".

Well, that's clearly me, though I wonder what the "an" is. "Spotty Logic, An Hyena?" I guess that works in Britain.