July 16th, 2008

[fades] browns and reds

No sleep for the caffeinated--

I made a mocha-latte cream pie last night, and had a slice at 8:15 or so.


Week is impossibly cluttered, I've got lots of stuff to do before Sunday when I leave for a week. Really wanted to pare back my social commitments for the week, but that's not happening right now. Any furs want to come over this evening for a board game night?

Still no car window. Theoretically the somewhat useless mechanic I go to can replace it today.
yeena pride rainbow

Small victories--

Massachusettes (sp?) one of two states to allow gay marriage and the only one that isn't currently being contested, is talking about dropping the law that states that only residents of Mass. can get married in the state.


I'd MUCH rather go to Boston than Canada for our honeym/moon. I probably have friends there, if I checked.
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[fades] browns and reds

Should this be encouraged?

Whines has been hosting a weekly "art night" for das furs in the area on Tuesday. This seems like a good thing, I've gotten a very little writing done, but caught up on some reading in the quiet time the evening produces, and it's nice to see folks.

Someone in San Antonio...I don't know who, but I have my suspicions--started calling us "Spines and Wotty." So, Whines has started *drawing* Spines and Wotty. Wotty is a cute, somewhat flat-headed and dim-looking, dragon. Spines is sort of a grim-faced zebra griffon type character, which is pretty consistantly hawt-looking, iff'n you like that sort of thing (it is convenient that I do).

Unfortunately, Whines's art gallery on Fur Affinity is down at the moment :(

He's also been taking a fair bit of care to draw these two characters, so they've been more detailed and polished than his just-for-fun sketches. Nice stuff.

Now, if the perpetrator of "Spines and Wotty" would identify themselves, I'll pull something heavy out of the thank-box for them :)