August 4th, 2008


Toying with food concepts--

Stop me if this seems like a bad idea, I don't work with fish much.

I'm thinking of baking salmon tonight. I've got tons of lemon basil growing in the garden now, so what I'm going to do, put the fish on a bed of coarsely chopped sweet onions and some lemon grass, then brush the top down with a thick layer of lemon basil pesto, and see what happens.

Is there an obvious flaw in this? I'm not up with my piscodynamics. It tastes good in my head, though.


Saw Batman last night. Completely worthwhile, from a comic movie perspective, not too week as an action movie on its own (except Batman himself is so darn dull as a character). The Joker really has more personality than everyone in the entire Batman franchise (except possibly for Harley?) put together, and he was well-played in this movie.

Spent the next hour arguing about comics, movies, superheroes with Lhexa and Whines and Folf, which was rewarding, though I think I got a little repetitive in there somewhere.

Saw preview for Watchmen. About darn time! The preview looked superb, but I'm prepared to be totally disappointed, since it's a dark, moody, and meaningful comic that revolves around the concept of ethical gray and subjective morality, and it'd take a deft hand to pull that off in two hours.