October 1st, 2008

[fades] browns and reds

Suddenly, free time--

Weirdly, Whines and my shopping biorhythms synched up perfectly last night, as we both independently developed a strange urge to wander around in a mall. So, we did.

Mall scene, kind of strange. A lot of stores are consolidated, so the various wings tend to have dark, "mug me" ends with boarded up storefronts, or the big-box department stores have been changed into "conference centers" or "fun rooms," which are both euphamisms for "empty space."

There's also a lot of cheapy-cheap places - crappy snack shops, discount "everything must go" clothing stores with names nobody's ever heard of like "PYM" and "Qual" (well, no, but same principle).

Northcross--my childhood mall--briefly became a refuge for weird businesses that couldn't afford an actual storefront--paint-it-yourself crafts, fly-by-night decorating stores and "your money or your coif" type salons.

I'm wondering if malls might become a refuge for local businesses? The Big Box stores aren't doing too well right now - maaaybe people are realizing that you don't actually need three "Bed Bath and Beyonds" in a five-mile radius. (Do you actually need *one* Bed, Bath and Beyond?") and chain stores are shutting down, this leaves a lot of space for enterprising shops. However, if malls are no longer a *destination*, this makes the noble passtime of mall-walking less relevant, and while a space-saver over a strip center, malls still have a lot of empty space to fill, and the utilies must be high.

Dunno. I miss the mall-walking days, though. Got hooked on D&D at the local mall B Dalton Booksellers, back when there were TWO bookstores in Northcross Mall. And an ice-skating rink, AND an arcade. I think there's a wal-mart there now, but at least they kept the ice-skating rink...

[edit: I think I'm pleased by "your money or your coif." I'll suggest that the next time someone's looking for a "clever" name for a salon.]
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Oddly functional.

I'd been having a bad period of "I've got the minimally competent, head beneath the water, barely keeping up blues" at work, but then I found out that if I just work about five hours of overtime a week, everything's hunky-dorey :) And I get more money! Yay! So that's good. It doesn't really impact my life much since Whines gets home much later than I do, and I get something like an extra $150 a paycheck, which is kind of a treat when one needs to shop for a car soon. We'll see if it keeps up. More money to stuff down the waistbands of dancing foxes :)

On the downside, not an awful lot of energy for creative writing or what-have-you. I think this entire thing is supposed to be trending down in November. *crosses fingers* I've got some cute ideas for a writing project, but need a bit of breathing room first.