October 6th, 2008

[fades] browns and reds

Friday, Saturday, happy days--

Not the most productive weekend, but I had some fun cooking experiments.

Friday evening, went out with Butterfly and A. for dinner and to watch the new "Gamers" movie. Cute stuff, good comedy with a gentle hand.

Saturday - well, functional at noon, as per usual. "Early" lunch and a little light shopping. I found another part to my Fourth Doctor costume - it may not be perfect, but I found a jacket that's quite, quite similer to Tom Baker's just following the third doctor's regeneration. Yay. Everything else - a beat-up fedora, old man vest, tweedy pants, and a red necker-scarf-thing - should be easy. It's a beat-up brown velvet jacket, very baggy.

Movie Night at Sparrow's. Got all experiment-in-the-kitchen-y and made a mexican bread pudding that I'd been wanting to make for a while. The "sauce" is a syrup made with a lot of tomato and onion mixed in, and then strained out. Some cheese, too. It was AGONIZINGLY sweet. I regret it, but not the experiment itself. It's still sitting on the counter, I'm a little afraid of it.

Sunday, *kind of* a wash, but a nice one - just not very productive. Some work at church, rented some movies that we didn't see, passed out for a few minutes, then Lhexa came over to watch movies and work on some homework at us. That and dinner kind of wrapped up the day. It was relaxing and nice, but feels a bit like the day went by without really accomplishing much.

Anyway, back to the grind...
Gamer Geek

Campaign Cartographer 3?

Anybody ever work with the Campaign Cartographer series? I had a demo version, and found it somewhat confusing. But...I'm easily confused, and didn't really take the time to work with the tutorials & crap.
Gamer Geek

Spoilers, kinda--

Dragon Magazine on-line posts a play-test of the Barbarian class this month.
General stuff- Striker class (no, really?) with good healing surges (8+con) and HP (15+6/lvl). Special powers: gain HP when reducing someone to 0 HP, extra attack when yo roll a critical, LOTS of powers involving multiple attacks per round, being extremely durable, and some nature-totem stuff that's kind of neat. Frenzied Berzerker paragon path. Pretty neat class, overall, kind of a tanking striker - durable, but dangerous.