November 24th, 2008

yeena pride rainbow

No-one's gay enough to wear that...

So, one of my acquaintances at church is a sweet girl whose mom is the head of the pagan group, or was, things changing as they do. Not the parental relationship, that's still consistant. She's kind of a "rainbows and fairies and unicorns dance in my head" sort of starry, optimistic person.

Anyway, she made me a scarf for yule.

She knew I wanted a Dr. Who scarf, which is, for the uninitiated, 17 feet long, thick, and in a 70's institutional color scheme. So, she made me a scarf.

Though she didn't really understand exactly how long a scarf I wanted, nor really the "cosplay" element. However, she DID know that I'm gay, and gays like rainbows, right?

So...she makes me a hand-knitted scarf out of luxurious, long-pile, fuzzy, high-gloss rainbow yarn. It's a narrow little strip of irridescent multicolor fuzz, very pretty, but...I'm having a hard time imagining any male, regardless of the depth of gayitude they may have sunk, wearing it.

I'll try to get a picture.

It's such a sweet present! I mean, a nice scarf, hand-knitted...very thoughtful! Now, what to do with it. This would be so much easier if I *wasn't* gay, I could hand it off to the female. But it'd look even froofier on Whines, so that approach won't work at all.

Apocalypse party :)

So a theme for a New Years Eve party--"End of the World as we Know It" movie night. Hee hee.

War of the Worlds: The Musical
Left Behind (oh, I'm sure I'll hate it, but it's genre-appropriate...)
The Apple (Always the apple :) )

Hmm...other good film apocalypses...That recent Don Bleuth sci-fi cartoon about humans reclaiming their homeworld? The hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?
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