May 4th, 2009

[fades] browns and reds

Gameful, busy weekend--

Spent Friday morning hiking around downtown Austin for some good morning shots of the city for mom's webpage(s), and the early afternoon spent posting bulliten board notices for the Front Porch Project. I really wish we'd picked a less obvious name--it's a bitch getting through all the other front porch projects to get to the top billing in Gooogle. Right now, with very little traffic, we're on the second page, that's pretty good. No responses yet that I can see from the bulliten board signs. I should probably try to set up some sort of "number of hits" tracker on website.

Friday night game, lots of fun. The campaign's really picked up a lot recently. We changed the player base, the game master really revved up her style, and I switched to a less sullen character. I'm looking forward to games instead of tolerating them. Excellent :) I had a fun moment where the dragon was going to try to kill our party gnoll, and my charismatic but basically dishonest Eladrin rogue threw his arms around the gnoll, screaming "No! I raised him from a cub!" One of the other players said, "Oh yes, I can see we're in Bluff territory now." Hee.

Saturday--some low-key puttering around, went to get lunch, then a little bit of prep for my game Saturday night. Party cleaned out a feywild-infested castle--*six* encounters in one game! They were all slightly underpowered, and two of them were social encounters, but still, that's kind of a record...

Sunday--had to get to church at 9:30, but didn't set the alarm clock--ended up getting in at a little before 11:00. Then being friendly at people for a few hours, then the church's semi-annual meeting. That was pretty positive, overall, and a lot of people were happy that I'd taken over the Membership Team. Light lunch at 4:00, came home, visited with Lhexa for a while, then ran out to see "Wolverine" (which I don't recommend, as it is very dumb) with Quinn and his GF. Back home by midnight. A little tired, but a fun weekend in the balance :)
Garden 1 (hyena in garden)


Last week, had several clusters of mushrooms in my garden. This usually means I'm overwatering, but I don't think I am--mint takes a fair bit of water. These were cute little thing, with caps that resembled half-lemons.

Then, the slime mold. I don't like the slime mold so much. It looks like a pukey orange-white smear--I thought at first some massively incontinent bird relieved himself in my basil, but no, it started expanding. Which was strange. It may not be a slime mold, actually, I couldn't say for sure--yesterday I watered it, and it exploded in a rich cloud of purple-burgeondy dust and spores, looking exactly like a smoke bomb going off.

And now there's ANOTHER one, even bigger, growing in my mint and lemon verbena on the other side of the lawn, and I'm having a rash of lemon-colored mushrooms.

Unfortunatley, it's dry and warm enough that I need to start watering every three days or so, but that's apparently enough to promote fungus. Wheee.

[Edit: Whines has pointed out the place where it apparently crawled across my peppermint, leaving little threadlike trails behind. Yep, slime mold.]
[fades] browns and reds

Photography on Friday...

I spent Friday morning running around town looking for five nice shots of downtown Austin to use for headers for mom's websites. I found...four. That's pretty good! Maybe I'll take a shot on campus some wacky morning soon. Anyway, behind cut...
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[fades] browns and reds

Blinking Text? Why?

Yeesh! I'm working with a fantastic web calendar appliation Maus recommended to me. It's all going well, except for some strange reason, when I change the default title of "Public Access" to "Calendar of Events," it sets it to blinking text, but only in Firefox. I dunno. Perverse universe.

On a totally unrelated note, I'm finally getting all the way over that flu thing I caught back in early April. About time, too :(