May 11th, 2009

[fades] browns and reds

Weekend, obligatory Trek--

Star Trek/Star Wars makes me feel melencholy, even now. It's been a few years since John, the biggest Sci-Fi dork I've ever met (and could tolerate), died, and this was the first major SciFi event that I was able to go to without having a twinge of "why didn't we invite...oh, wait..." happening.

Mother's day weekend. Friday, some good gaming, Saturday...erf, mostly slept in. On a whim, ran off to see Trek at 2:00 matinee, worthwhile film, glad it was produced, will prattle further. Some tension at home on return. Ongoing stuff, nothing new really. Chattered, did some lawn work, watched Saturday Night Live. Pretty simple evening.

Made some excellent tea! All mint and stevia--stevia being a natural sweetener, and mint also used for sweetening, it didn't really need sugar to be at my sweet-tolerance levels :)

Sunday--brief visit to church to say hi, then movie ("The Soloist") with Mom and Sister and some old friends. Then visited grandmother, which is kind of futile, but it does make her smile, so that's its own reward. Unfortunately "Sound of Music" on, so didn't escape to run home until 7:30, the dogs were happy to see us by then.

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