August 7th, 2009

[fades] browns and reds

Nice little opportunity--

So, there's a government program called WIA that will pay for one of two things: Either a single class (or in some cases, sets of classes) worth $7000, to help you shift toward a new career, OR they'll pay for like $10,000 of yer salary if you can convince your employer to let you learn while on the job. Neat stuff.

Anyway, ideally I'm going to be taking their multimedia course. It's a large (220 hours, 16 weeks) course covering the entire Adobe suite, with dreamweaver, flash, java, and some other stuff. Wheee!

I had a bit of struggle with taking this course over the project management course. Difficult decision! Since I'm so frequently in logistics of some sort, project management's a pretty natural direction to go. only get ONE course (for free at least).