September 3rd, 2010

[fades] excited!

Another anniversary!

Apparently it's been a year since I changed my name and species :) I know that because my freebie year of Livejournal has expired. Doh! Hello, pop-up advertising. I wish I had a convenient way of magically transferring the "permanent account" status off of Spotty Logic onto this account!
[fades] browns and reds


I had a little work to do from the office, so I was wrapping that up when Whines got home. We went out for a little putter--I wanted to explore a possible sight for a furry gathering, and then dinner.

Was craving chinese buffet, so we went north to the newish one near 183 and I35, it's got a particularly wide selection. Overall pretty good--some tasty salt-and-pepper shrimp, an interesting "fried shrimp in coconut sauce" that I had one of for the experience (missable), and some mongolian barbeque--where the nice man took away my bowl and started adding the seasonings he thought I wanted :( *tsks*

Had 1-2-3 nausea punch that kind of took me out for the night, tho--I went to the restroom, and someone had taken a poop in the urinal next to me. Rlly. That was disgusting, really terrible smell. Left in a slightly wobbly hurry, almost stepped in a huge puddle of second-hand soup--it might have just been a bowl spill, but it was one of the red, lumpy soups, so I didn't really want to know. Then the guy next to us was eating a HUGE plate of crayfish--not normally something I have a problem with beyond minor "eew", but that was enough on top of everything else to keep me from wanting to be ANYWHERE near food for a good hour!

Overall a nice evening, just with a weird moment or two thrown in.