September 10th, 2010

[fades] browns and reds

Minor "zazzle" binge--

My usual "I'm going to a furry events!" dress code is an interesting vest, blue glasses, and a teleportation-themed T-shirt. Unfortunately, it's irritatingly difficult to find a teleportation-themed t-shirt.

Yay Zazzle!

Zazzle had a few different options for me--though I'm still waiting for a tee with Nightcrawler's iconic "BAMF!!" cloud (there's a lot of BAMF shirts, but they're riffing off the "Bad A$$ Mo-fo" idea.) It's available in Britain, grumble, but they're not shipping to the US yet.

So they had a couple of cute ones :) One had a picture of a "Safety Man" style guy teleporting across the shirt, with the caption "Rules of Teleportation," so I got two of those in different colors. But the BEST one was a little oval that said "Teleport Magic" on it--perfect :)

One that I thought about but didn't get was a cute one for Harry Potter fans that said "My Heart is Splinched Without You," which was nice, but the reference is a little specific, there's a bit of a "TLDR" thang (particularly on a t-shirt, one that's likely to be obscured by a vest), and, as Whines pointed out, blink dogs don't splinch, that's for other, lesser teleporters.

Hmm...would I wear the "Team Displacer Beast" shirt, or not? That's difficult.

Displacer Beasts Team Shirt tee by ComfyCushion. Available from
[fades] gamer geek

Oh my nemisis, must you haunt me, even in Facebook?

Logged into facebook, saw massive displacer beast on far right of screen, in the "advertisements" bar. Now they're advertising displacer beasts. I tried to report the ad for being offensively chaotic evil. That wasn't an option. WHY?!?

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remember, guys date displacer beasts, but they marry blink dogs.
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Yes, I know the dark allure of evil demon-panthers is a temporary thing. Men like something that's just out of reach. Or at least three feet way from where you think it is.