September 21st, 2010

[fades] browns and reds

A couple of job opportunities

I've app'd for a few job opportunities in the sudden silence of my workday. Boy, it's flood or famine here at the office.

The first is an Admin Assist for a southwest (rich side) liturgical church. I'm not sure how I feel about this. It'd be excellent NPO/publication experience, but it's probably not a group that I'm going to be totally happy around--not to stereotype too much, but I think I know the church, and they're snooty, entitled wealthy people, very white. Not a scary fire-and-brimstone christianity, more mellow, but definately a certain degree of conservative bias.

I also think it might be my old church from 15 years ago, I've had some bad experiences there that fed into my mild dislike of clergy.

But it'd be good publication experience, a slightly shorter workday with a fair bit less money, but with benefits. If I can weather two years of it, I think I'd be in a good place.

The second opportunity is probably a LOT less money, and will almost certainly kfcu up my weekends a bit--but if I can't be happy at this one, I should probably just abandon the concept of happiness--manager for a campy, GLBT-run thrift store near my church that contributes to the local HIV/AIDS needs. They're on a great strip with a lot of fine thrifting, it just sings out some sort of monthly event. And the potential for blogging wackiness--managerial woes, and so on--would be high, it'd certainly cross-pollinate well with Thrifthorror.

We'll see if either of these turn into anything worth pursuing. They're both a step backward financially, but maybe more happiness in the long run.

In other news, my little sister, fresh out of college, submitted two job applications, got two interviews, and two acceptance letters. The one she took pays about what I'm making now (once you figure in bennies, which I don't get), but it's in a field she's interested in (gerontology). On the one paw, I'm very happy for her success. On the other, it's hard not to be a little bitter.
[fades] browns and reds

Nice evening--

We puttered off to the Alamo Drafthouse, which was running "The Best of God," a fun collection of strange religous propaganda. Both bauson and myself have a weakness for such things, so it was a good pile of fun.

The guy putting it together--one of the fellows that put together the Mr. Sinus Show back in the day--made good choices. There weren't any pieces that really felt like an attack on the audience, nothing that was hard core anti-anything. I think that really helped the energy in the room.

Benny Hinn was pretty amazing, deeply cheezy in the clip shown--he wandered around randomly knocking people over with the power of god, it was almost sadistic. He'd just wave a hand vaguely and say "push!" and everyone fell over. I assume it was some sort of Close Blast 3 attack, but the At Will version was two targets, range 3 or so. The Daily that knocked everyone down in a Close Burst 5 was pretty impressive, but it just Proned and Dazed them, so presumably the audience could have responded with a charge attack.

It sounds like Mr. Hinn goes some deeply crazy places, at least according to my leftist-gay-pagan tendancies, so I'm glad that we saw something that was fun, rather than, again, brimstone-scented.