September 24th, 2010

[fades] browns and reds


Went okay, I'm one out of 10 out of an original 800 apparently, so feeling pretty good there. And one of the few with actual, solid church experience.

Guy spent like two minutes emphasizing how accepting the church was of gays and lesbians. Really stressing it. Finally, he said "you mentioned that you were a volunteer for the Unitarian Universalists, so I figured it was relevant."


Skill test a little frustrating, it was on a laptop with no actual mouse. I had to use that silly little pad-mouse. Gah. Not at all used to that. I probably blew two minutes of 10 trying to select the text.
[fades] thoughtful

More work meh

Have an interview in about two hours with that church for that admin-assist job. I'm not really very excited about this. There's a lot of variables.

The big one is that it's a pretty big pay cut, again--I'm guessing I'll be down like $800 a month overall. It's still very much living wages, but I'm really going to have to work on budgeting, reign in my impulse-spending habits, and cut a lot of expenses that are currently luxuries.

Career-wise, this is fun, but it's kind of a lateral-and-backward. I have a little low-grade stress over the title, "administrative assistant." It covers a lot of sins, but it's kind of generic. Maybe they can switch it to Publications Assistant or something.

It's further out of town than even my current job is. It's not an unreasonable commute, but I had crossed my fingers for something closer. It's also a lot less flexible than my current job, but most things are, since no-one pays attention to my hours and all my supervisors are in another state--I've spent the last seven years pretty much setting my own schedule, and ignoring anyone who asked me to keep more regular hours (my supervisors shifted more than once a year, so...) It's not unreasonable to ask someone to work a specific set of hours, I've just never had to!

Fewer hours, which is a mixed blessing. I'm hoping I can use the hour before work to keep up with creative projects--maybe come in a little earlier, set up some stuff, write a blog post or two, that sort of thing. And it's possible that I can train up my web-dev stuff on the clock, at least an hour or two a week. Maybe they'd be willing to pay for training.

It's southwest Austin, and I live in northeast Austin which puts it about equidistant from or on route to every thrift shop in town, and it ends at 4:00, so I can pretty much hit a different thrift shop every day on my way home. This makes me happy. Some of them aren't exactly on the way, but they're not a terribly long way out of the way either.

I am definately counting my chickens before they're hatched, but I've got the interview, and I'm pretty well-connected to that church (some strong friends-of-friends connections). It seems at least 50%50%.

As always, we'll see what tomorrow brings, but I'm not really excited. It's psychologically an improvement, though, and my current role feels pretty dead-end.