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Some time over the last 12 years, a series we produce--we'll call it New Readers, or NR--got confusing. The original NR series was stories, so if you bought the Complete Package, you'd get 24 stories. Then, they added nonfiction titles, but if you bought the complete package, you wouldn't get the nonfiction. They came later. Then, they added, basically, "New Readers Plus!!" with twice the titles, but for some reason, while the Complete Package contained the Nonfiction, it got called the Complete Storybook Package, whilest the original New Reader "completes" were incomplete, no nonfiction component.

Are you still with me? Good.

Now, each product has two names--the Catalog name, and the 40-character computer system name. Someone with my job PARTIALLY corrected the problem.

So, six months ago, we decided that the New Reader packages, that contain four copies of 30 books, should contain SIX copies of every book. So we created a new edition of each package with the new quantities.

This time, I corrected EVERYTHING, so a Nonfiction package was called a Nonfiction package, a Complete Package always contains Nonfiction AND fiction, and a STory Book Package never contains nonfiction.

Still following?

Now, since we want to only be building one of these two editions, we "sub'd" the old one to the new, so the customer ordering the 4-book configuration would get the 6-book config.

So, yesterday, I matched what the computer system said was a "fiction" package to the new edition of the "fiction" package.

Creating chaos.

Wheee. I was too upset to eat lunch.

I've solved it, but not before about $400,000 or so orders were screwed up.

Addendum: The person that brought this to my attention went so far as to alert my boss, my boss's boss, the director of Shipping, three people IN shipping, the VP of Sales, and the president of the fucking company--but not HER boss, I notice.

And I screwed everything up twice more trying to fix it. I'm going home.

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