Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

You know your boss is working too hard when...

I responded to an ongoing thread about product samplers with this series of in-jokes:

If a Harcourt rep desires to illustrate the finest quality
Of the In-Step Complete Package (the "What's New" brochure, page 20)
She should get a mini-sampler Level N (and not the Level C)
With teacher's notes, and five whole books, like "Marty Solves a Mystery,"
And a demonstration card that exemplifies a reading strategy--
Assuming level N approximates a package from the Level T.
In short in matters applicable to an ELL exhibitor,
It is the very model of an In Step Mini-Sampler!

My boss was not aware of the fact that I was joking, and asked me to paraphrase my message so he could understand what my main point was.

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