Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Spam Update:

Amazing news for all men!

Get ready for love in just 15 minutes
Increase sex drive and get you in the mood
Harder erections
After eating one tablet you can easily get erect anytime you like for 2 days
Even if you have no trouble getting an erection, you can have sex for hours
- you can get it back up again and again until you are too sore to carry on!
Lots of different yummy flavours that taste great while you kiss!
Works on women too!
Finally, hyena-targeted spam!

There are plenty of lines I fine slightly disturbing. I'm not really certain about harder erections. That could get dangerous. Possibly brittle.

And is "you can get it back up again...until you are too sore to carry on" a threat? What if you're finished? Worse, what if you're finished, and you're used to sleeping on your stomach? You'd look like a suspension bridge, but with more body hair.

But that last line...any takers? Whose woman needs a harder erection?


"Thank you Peniss Enhancmeent Patch for enriching my marriage through an enhanced sexaul relationship. My wife has become so much more interested in sex and now often initiates."

-Ernesto Rutledge
There is no sentance that wouldn't benefit from the addition of the fragment "small boys into the arts of love."

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