Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

I think they're missing the VERY obvious--

In the BBC News, the flying car in the Harry Potter movies was stolen from the film studio lot. Police suspect either a Harry Potter enthusiast (Somewhere, Harry screams "Damn you, Malfoy! DAMN YOU!!!") or a rare auto fan.

Now, this is why Muggles can exist without believing in magic--

Devon and Cornwall Police spokesman Pc Baxter Provan said the car was stolen from the film studios at Penwinnick Road in St Agnes between 1730 BST on 26 October and 1615 BST on 27 October.

"For those who have not seen the Harry Potter films, this is the car that flies in the movie and is very well known," he said.

"It is believed that the vehicle could not have been driven therefore it is suspected that it would have to have been towed or lifted from the scene."

Hello? FLYING car?


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