Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

I think I want to write some sort of etude on St. Christopher Cynecephelas (St. Christopher, patron saint of travellers, sometimes has a dog's head, I'm not sure why), or maybe a series of poems on the more bizaare saints, like I think St Jerome (or something) The Remarkable, who would get bored and fly around in the rafters at church. Or something. Argh, I've got eight hours a day that I *should* be working, but have nothing to work on, and maybe two hours free time, when I'm too hyper to write because I've been sitting all day!" (Scar from Lion King) "Iife's not fair, isn't it?"

Fricking role-playing games take up too damn much time. I should cut back. Or not, because then the gaming supplements will start calling to me in the night. " can't put us away, you still haven't plaaaayyyed us...Look at me, I'm GURPS Shapeshifters, you haven't even opened me! My pages are still attached to my jacket!"
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