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I have to say, that even as the state abridges my rights and the dumbing down of America threatens my paycheck, this is REALLY a fascinating time to live. I find the news to be more riveting in certain respects than a good TV show--I'm hanging on what Kansas will do to science education, how it will spread, the strange sparks it struck in the Internet community. Watching the religous right overreach itself--maybe--is kind of like watching a horror show. It really feels like we're approaching something that will be a page in the history books.

The country lives in interesting times. I'm privileged to be able to watch them, even participate in them in some small way.

That being said, I will be distressed if the right manages to reinstate the "sodomy laws", all textbooks are forced to acknowledge that Jesus was instrumental in every positive event in human history including the birth of Bhuddism, and Wicca is declared a hobby instead of a religion. Still, it's definately fun to watch.

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