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Spent a few hours Sunday running a book-table for my mother. If you don't know, my mother runs an Episcopal church bookstore. The Episcopals are one of the more liberal branches of Christianity...sometimes. They're liberal with scripture and interpretation, but tend to be stodgey and rich as a category, so "liberal scripture, conservative gentry" sort of thing.

Anyway, Whines and I spent a few hours working at St. Luke's on the Lake, a beautiful church with a fantastic, and no doubt very expensive, view over Lake Travis. It's a lovely place, but it serves people that are able to afford lakeside views. My mother took over at noon.

At some point in my absense after we went to grab lunch, the conversation turned to Prop 2 (the anti-gay-marriage amendment), and that whole topic. The youth minister said something along the general lines of "Well, if someone like that came to our church, I'd make sure they knew they were welcome, but that they'd need to not be that way."

To my mother's credit, she said "They *did* come to your church, but you missed them." Not sure where the conversation went after that, though.
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