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Diet eggnog :)

Made eggnog with fat-free half-and-half last night. Not as good as home-made eggnog *should* be, but better than storebought. Calories: Roughly 80 for a half-cup serving. Standard cals for a half-cup of eggnog...

...which I can hear calling me in the night...


I'm going to see if I can use 1% milk and just double the eggs. If I can cut the corn syrup out entirely, it'll be totally guilt-free! As is, it's a "light" dessert, but still a mild sin.

Oh yeah--now that I'm finished volunteering for Equality Texas, I'm going back on the south beach diet, particularly since the holidays fast approach. My weight crept up to 163 over the last few, and since I don't excercise at all, that's probably eight pounds of carb-loaded pudge. Not a lot of weight, but it was good to be rid of it and I didn't really want it back.

I have to say, this diet really works for me, when I stick to it. And I stuck to it for a good solid five months before backsliding more and more, but only in the last month have I really been a bad boy (and I. Part of it, I've been so busy that I haven't had time to cook. Part of it, I've been so busy physically, with faire season and whatever, that I've let myself nosh all I want. Part of it, I got stressy, and when I'm stressy, it's really easy to make excuses.


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Nov. 15th, 2005 03:58 pm (UTC)
Puh shaw! 165 I don't wanna hear it :P
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