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Mood icons!

I can't believe I finished them. I'm not really sure why. But anyway, I've now got over 137 distinct mood icons for The Care Bears :)

Because all the sites that I stole--ah--borrowed--from request that I link back to them, some credit to people who may, possibly, be more obsessive than I am--
The Care Bear Zone has a ton of great screen shots. Take Care Bears Place actually had a few episodes on-line that were helpful, and this care bears site was both helpful AND pretty--and it has all sorts of neat resources :)

Anyway, not that any insane person would, but I don't really want anyone to copy these, 'cause I don't want to incur Nelvana's wrath. I'm not sure if they shut down sites, but there seems to be a little bit of evidence toward that.

Here's a few icons I'm proud of in particular. I didn't edit any of the characters, though once in a while I did touch up the background or cut characters out of a shot because 1) they were blocking the one I wanted to focus on, or 2) they were the cubs or that pig or elephant. The lion gets a lot of screen time--for the most obviously male character, he gets into some weirdly fem poses. Must be the hair. Grumpy Bear and the horse, too, they're my favorites. I really don't know why I ever thought I was straight.

Anyway...I hope I'm not being dangerously self-indulgent, these are quite a bit bigger than most mood icons. Since most of them aren't animated that shouldn't affect download speeds, but they do take up more screen size. Well, I guess I can shrink 'em a bit if need be.

Artistic, Awake, Contemplative

Drunk, Energetic, Enraged

Enthralled, Envious, Flirty - some characters edited out of "flirty" to make it cuter :) Envious is one of my favorites--look for "relieved" a little later...

gloomy, horny, hot - I got really lucky on the shots for "horny," which were from the first song in the first movie. I did have to do a lot of cropping to get the cubs out of the shot for "hot," which is the best "Braveheart" pose I've found thusfar.

Indescribable, Melencholy, Morose

Nostalgic, Peaceful, Pensive--I think "Peaceful's" one of my two or three favorites.

Pissed off, predatory, quixotic

Thoughtful, Sympathetic, Relieved

weird, working
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