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Odd little magickal moment--

A tiny preamble--apparently, there's someone who looks vaguely like me at work, who writes random things in the "guest/visitor log" sign-in sheet, and the security guard has taken a notice of that.

I'm industriously hiking around my building complex and walk in to the office front door. I'm briefly stumped by a man wearing a jacket that says "Island." It's quite a concept, quite a claim. I mean, there you are. This guy's jacket proclaims him to be an island. Wow.

So, I'm mulling over that identity concept, when the security guard looks at me, and confusing me with someone else, stops me and says, "Now, who are we today?"

I didn't have a ready answer to that one. I've always assumed my self-ness wasn't in question, but, there you go.
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