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So, for the first time in several years, probably since High School, I've broken the six-game marker. The semi-steampunky campaign I've been running finally reached the end of its first plot after eight sessions. It would have been more straightforward--"evil disease cult kills local scientists, characters investigate, evil is stomped, big bad escapes," pretty strict three-game fare, except that we have shorter games 'cause it's sunday night (and it's a LOT easier for me to run four hours than six hours).

However, we had a batch of characters that kept popping in and out of play, and I kept derailing the plot to provide stuff for them to do, so this side-plot with a haunted house and a travelling circus popped up, but then the spiritualist character *interested* in the haunted house vanished. But the in-and-out characters are gone, and for the first time in ages and ages, I wrapped up a plot :) Yay! And I've got the next plot sketched out in advance. Woohoo :)
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