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A Jack Chick game for 2-4 people

To make set, You will need:
2 copies of the Complete Tract assortment, a lot of index cards, gullible friends, and a fair bit of time.

Cut and tape individual panels from JTC tracts to cardstock, using two tracts each so that each side of the page is lovingly mounted.


There are four "Characters" in play: The Devil, Mankind, God, and The Audience. In a two-player game, only Mankind and The Devil are in play. in 3-4 players, add God and The Audience, respectively. Players choose their personas based on who's been to church more, or baptised more often, or is spiritually the most righteous. Life's not fair.

Shuffle and pull one copy of the cover of "This Was Your Life!"

Each player is dealt six cards. Anyone who has the front cover of a tract in their hands may play it (if more than one person has a cover, "This was Your Life" goes first, otherwise use alphabetical order. If no-one has a cover card in their hands, put the "This Was Your Life" cover into play, and play begins according to the above list, life's not fair.

Players take turns putting new panels onto a group "tract."

Rules governing panel playing:
1) No total non-sequitors. New characters can enter the plot as appropriate, but if Li'l Suzy suddenly pops into a conversation between Nimrod and Ishtar, she better have something relevant to say.
2) "Wrap-up" cards (specifically, a sinner redeeming or going to hell) must be played only when it makes sense that they would redeem, or at least that a panel about redemption would appear there. The "Redemption Check-Box" panel may only be played within one "cycle" of a redemption, condemnation, or otherwise apocalyptic vision of the throne of god panel.
3) If a card is too much a non-sequitor--that is, the group argues it out, with special weight given to proofs from the bible--the player must discard his panel and draw two new panels. If a non-sequitor is inappropriately called, the person who called it draws a new card.
4) If a player can't play an appropriate panel, he must draw a new card and pass his turn to the next player.

The "winner" is someone who plays the last card in his hand or successfully plays the "Salvation Check Box" panel.

Draw rules: Players drawing cards may discard any "cover panel" or "redemption checkbox" card they draw (only The Audience can use front panels after the game begins).
Special Rules:
The Devil: On his turn, the Devil may choose to play *two* panels, but he must draw two panels if he does this. The Devil *cannot* play the Redemption Checkbox using this power, nor can he play the last card in his hand (because he has to draw two).
Mankind: If mankind calls Non-Sequitor on a player, he can substitute two panels from his hand for the Non-Sequitor penalty draw, but must then himself draw two cards.
God: God is Omniscient. God's player may choose at any time to look at someone's hand, but must draw two panels if he chooses to use this rule.
The Audience: The Audience's player can play a cover panel and start a new tract--anyone can play in the new tract or any old tract available.
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