Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Requisitions: A game for three or more people.

The setting: Cube Farm. Each player has his or her own cubicle (their play area.) The object of the game is to complete your own workspace, including the best possible computer, a spy-phone with caller ID, a color deskjet printer, and a swingline stapler (more prizes may be added.) In the course of your job, you may be asked to make business trips. While these bring you more opportunities for income, respect, and greater access to the Office Depot catalog, an unoccupied cubicle is fair game for undocumented requisitions and unauthorized intradepartmental transfers. Players may search The Cube Farm (the drawing area) for additional office supplies, but if a 24" moniter is right there, so obviously not being used, why not take it? Plus, every hour away from the desk tracking down your Cuddly Office Mascot is a missed phone number--or a lost stack of burnable CDs.

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