Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Insensible Shoes--

The office is having a "crazy shoe" contest. So I went home for lunch. I am now wearing a red velvet button-down shirt with a slightly eye-mangling wavy-line burnout, black slacks--and Those Shoes.

Patent leather blue and white wingtips. The toe narrows to a 45 degree point. They're shiny. There's a fleur-de-lis design picked out on the toe in ventillation holes. They're painful, but not so painful for me as for any witnesses. I think I lost six man-points trying to pick out a coat. Thank the gods I'd been barbequing all week, it'll bring up the difference for my audit.

Anyway, 3:00 is the judging. Cross your fingers, and may God have mercy on my sole.

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