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Back in...oh...'97, I guess it would have been, maybe '96, I had a hewge mint garden. At my peak, I had ten different varieties (spearmint, peppermint, orange mint, pineapple mint, chocolate mint, catnip, blue balsam mint, apple mint, crinkled mint, lime mint). Briefly I had pennyroyal, catmint and lemon mint--not really a mint--growing, but never at the same time as my first big crop.

I made the BEST iced tea with this stuff. A lot of people who didn't like iced tea loved it.

Anyway, I found myself with some free time and a desire to garden, so I went to the store and bought 15 mints--pepper, chocolate, spear, english (or horse), "candy mint" (?), pennyroyal, grape, crinkle, orange, pineapple, verigated, citrus, and a few others. I've potted them (well, I ran out of pots at 12), and they're in the back yard now.

Places where I'm thinking I've screwed up: Mints are really durable plants, they can handle texas summer if they've got partial shade, but they need drainage. I cut corners and bought topsoil, which I'm regretting, but it was hard to pass up $1.25/40Lb compared to $5/20lbs. Maybe I can phase in some better stuff with my next paycheck. I've also bought them while it is technically winter, even though I'm wandering around barefoot in a tanktop and shorts. We have been having a single late freeze lately.

I'm thinking iced tea thoughts.

Things I don't have: Blue Balsam, Catnip.
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