Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Mom toys with me--

Okay, so, I didn't know who Roky Erickson was until last week, but as I understand it now, he's a cornerstone of psychedellic rock. Not my personal favorite genre, but hey.

So, my mother works in a small Christian bookshop, and was approached by Roky Erickson's mother, who's a fairly standard nice little old lady now. The entire family, apparently, is quite musical. Roky's mother is an opera singer, or was, it's hard to sustain those notes past a certain age.

Roky's mother, and one of his brothers, have put together a benefit cassette. It's apparently quite a something--Roky's mother wrote the lyrics and sang the vocals, with a strange warbling old-lady thing going on. You can see her performing on Roky's documentary, "You're Gonna Miss Me."

But Mom won't give me the cassettes. Grr. Anyway, working on it...
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